We Are Now Accepting Credit Cards

While many clients will prefer not using a credit card, we know that there are just as many who recognize the value to them of quality estate planning, but just can’t afford to write that check right now.  

These are the people who will love hearing they can now pay by credit card.



Meaningful Estate and Legacy Planning.

Steve has invaluable experience designing and implementing plans that work. He has created hundreds of estate and business plans, seen many work in some of the ugliest of cases. His straight forward approach and his warm personality are a great match for asking the hard questions.



Estate planning is critical in protecting your assets, avoiding stressful situations for your family and celebrating life.

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Planning with Purpose. Protecting the things you worked your whole life for. Take the next steps to protect your assets and your business.

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To teach someone to think deeply, richly, independently and for themselves, is the greatest gift you can give. Be quiet and allow it to happen.

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